Information Architecture 3.0 – Peter Morville

A holistic view of where we have come from and where we are headed was outlined from a founding father of IA. A notable comment was;

‘Iterative design is good but you need a structured method to stop going around in circles.’

There were some good sound-bites and it was refreshing to hear about some difficult projects that he had worked on.


Bayside Market, Miami

I did feel that some at the presentation were trying to grill Peter for the answer to questions that only they would know the context of. It must be tough to be a speaker when you have written a book that is a landmark in this vocal profession.

But, to me this distracted from what the purpose of this was about – the future of IA. To that end, I think it fell short a little – mainly because of the audience’s determination to get answers to their problems which in turn shortened the time slot.

Full respect to Morville for keeping patient with a demanding audience…

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