Hello and The Next Web


tnw10   Spring in Amsterdam and something that never fails to inspire and enlighten is The Next Web conference.

The event focuses particularly on the future of the web, and this year 32 start-ups are assembling with the usual mixture of journalists, venture capitalists and industry types amongst the 1200 delegates.

Hello Group was born out of the start-up culture, and has been attending since 2006, when both the company and the event began. As a group of web professionals we are always interested in the themes that run here and the technological developments that are often highlighted by progressive thinking.

This year, Hello’s presence will be made up of Peter Svarre, Jakob Langemark, Frans Petersen  and myself. We will offer up a mixture of video and the usual highlights and views from this energetic and intense conference. Regular updates will be posted here and also on our event blog; thenextweb.hellogroup.com.

Last year I could sense a palpable awareness of UX as the element that distinguishes good from great products and this year I can imagine a further extension of that – particularly after Facebook’s announcements recently and the launch of the iPad. The closing speaker this year is Frog’s creative director, Adam Richardson and Evan Roth is also featuring. It’s good to see a mix of creative, business and science present in this year’s speaker list – very apt for the web, and it all starts tomorrow…

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