UXBASIS goes mobile


photo   We have released UXBASIS as a mobile version, so your smart phone can now easily navigate the cards within a browser.
Entering www.uxbasis.com into your address bar will automatically direct you to the mobile version.

Within the next week we are also accepting orders on the UXBASIS cards and poster, and we aim to deliver worldwide for a fee that just covers the cost of production and shipping.

We have kept costs low to ensure that the items can be distributed beyond UX teams and into the wider development community. This is where we feel that the real impact of these tools will be felt, benefitting users and businesses alike.

We decided to make physical cards to help people like us communicate with project managers and clients about the work that we do and the purposes of our tasks.

If anything we hope that UXBASIS is a conversation starter with the people who have influence over product teams, and inevitably control budgets.

Our aim is to help businesses and professionals work smarter and more collaboratively by making these tools more readily available to those in the user experience field.

If you are interested in purchasing a box of cards or a poster (or both) then email uxinfo@hellogroup.com or follow @hellogroup on Twitter to keep updated.

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