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Usability is dead

Thursday, September 24th, 2009




I am re-posting this in the hope that I can start a bit of a conversation. Unfortunately the combination of my bad Danish and English being potentially off-putting, means I have had no dialogue from anybody about this in Denmark. My hope is by posting it here it can start something – please feel free to comment.

In June I gave a talk around the subject of why Usability was dead at the ITU, Copenhagen. The title was to be deliberately provocative, to get those involved with designing interactive products thinking about our work and the challenges ahead of us.


Usability is dead….the write up

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

A title as loaded as Usability is Dead needs some sort of explanation that a presentation can’t really convey.

SmallK KForum – a Danish site serving all those involved in communication, gave me an opportunity and asked for a write up. You can read it here (in English).

Hopefully the article goes some way in describing how as a UX community we need to start collaborating more and moving away from formulaic thinking.

Creativity is back in a big way, fuelled by context and relevance…