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Engagement and optimisation: Success Metrics

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
sale You hear alot about engagement, and not just in the UX community.

How do you engage your website users? What exactly constitutes the different parts of a website’s content that will attract people and make the website an enjoyable experience for them and a profitable one for your business?

In the first of seven parts, I’ll take a look at what goes into creating an engaged website audience and an optimised site.


User paths for conversion – elements in engagement

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008



clip_image002   This image was shown during Peter Moville’s talk about IA 3.0. What is interesting about it is how he linked this to Christopher Alexander’s text about design in architecture and also Peter Merholz’s essay Metadata for the Masses. In which he highlights ‘desire lines’ how paving is built once you see the paths that people tread.

If we look at online behaviour, user paths give us a solid idea of routes to content, where they return to and where they tend to go next. Human behaviour tends to follow patterns, see this article about mobile phone usage for an example of how predictable we tend to be. (more…)

Making metrics work

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

The importance of web metrics has always been self-evident in the world of SEO. It is the measurement of key performance indicators, obvious to all, as clear as day in fact. This transparency and the credence of web analytics is a powerful companion to IA strategies, convincing the client is so much easier when real figures can be shown that highlight user behavior. Often it enables you to get over bigger cultural hurdles that your project needs to overthrow, to enable it to be a success.

Beware of the stakeholders one-eyed view…

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